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A Premier Infill Builder in Calgary

We build distinctive custom infill homes that deliver true luxury living within the confines of an urban custom infill lot. Featuring unique, stylish architecture to compliment and crown any Calgary neighbourhood, our custom infills feature master craftsmanship throughout. After all, an executive home doesn’t have to be large to be luxurious.

Characteristic features might include a custom gourmet kitchen of wood, stone and steel; top-of-the line appliances and fixtures throughout, and high tech conveniences like whole-home sound systems and smart heating and air conditioning systems.

We can maximize living space by erecting a window wall from the living room to seemliness adjoin the back deck, expanding entertainment space while keeping privacy and tranquility a top priority.

Typical of Cook Custom Homes, infill upgrades can include a generous outdoor fireplace, so welcomed in Calgary’s chillier seasons; a full home spa in the master suite; hand-crafted trim and premium decorative finishes in every room.


With over 30 years of experience in custom home building, Cook Custom Homes by Cook Construction Inc. has the expertise to manage each project with maximum efficiency. This expertise allows us to keep each build on track, on time and on budget from start to finish.

After all, building a custom luxury home in Calgary is no simple task; it’s a logistically complex matter of building codes and permits, of materiel acquisition and inventory, of engaging architects, tradespeople, laborers and special services, and of payroll, billing, insurance, licensing, warranty, certification and accreditation. And so on.

Cook Construction Inc. is not only recognized as a premium home builder in Calgary for the exquisite custom homes we build, but for our expert project management throughout the process.

When it comes to interior and exterior finishes, there is an overwhelming variety of choice on the market. Trust Cook Custom Homes to find exactly the products you want priced precisely within your budget.

Cook Construction Inc. has long-standing relationships with the top suppliers of premium products, including granite and tile, hardwood and flooring, multimedia and security technologies, custom cabinetry, fixtures, fittings, furniture, appliances, plumbing and electrical.

All Cook Construction projects are built with a lifetime of enjoyment in mind. We deliver this by using only premium, enduring products and materials from distinguished, trusted suppliers.

If you ever seen a new home under construction that seems to be entirely painted in shocking pink, there a good chance it’s one of ours.

You see, all Cook Construction Inc. projects meet or exceed local, provincial and national building codes to deliver peace of mind as well as an enduring luxury home. So while it’s not required, all Cook Custom Homes feature Canadian-made PinkWood building products, including Pink Joists (PK Joists), Pink Board (PK Board), or a complete PinkShield™, an environmentally friendly technology applied to all framework material in a Cook Custom Home as an extra layer of fire retardant and/or a protective barrier against mould growth and rot fungus.

PinkWood makes a good home better and a great home best. And we’re all about providing the best possible custom home solution for every home we build.

Overall interior is of very high quality and craftsmanship… Overall quality, fit, finish, and craftsmanship is excellent. Exceeds industry and PHW standards.

Progressive Home Warranty Solutions Inc.


Here our some of our recently completed construction projects and custom homes underway.