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As one of the best luxury home builders in Calgary, you know you are in good hands with Cook Custom Homes for your inner city home remodeling and reconstruction project.  We are well known in the industry to only use the best products, the most unique designs, and all within budget.

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If living in the outskirts of Calgary on acreage is not your thing, and you would much rather live closer to the city but still desire a brand new modern home, don’t worry, we can build a custom home right in the middle of the city.

Calgary Inner City Home Building Experts

As Calgary infill builders we take inner-city projects to a much higher standard. Cook Custom Homes can support you in your vision of building a brand new, modern custom home, right in the heart of Calgary.


In fact, if you have ever seen a luxury custom home in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta under construction that seems to be entirely painted in shocking pink, there’s a good chance it’s a luxury home built by Cook Custom Homes.

Infill Home Builders That Exceed Your Expectations

You see, all Cook Construction Inc. projects meet or exceed local, provincial and national building codes to deliver peace of mind. So, while it’s not required, all Cook Custom Homes feature Canadian-made PinkWood building products, including Pink Joists (PK Joists), Pink Board (PK Board), or a complete PinkShield™, an environmentally friendly technology applied to all framework material in a Cook Custom Home as an extra layer of fire retardant and/or a protective barrier against mold growth and rot fungus.


PinkWood makes a good home better, and a great home best. We’re all about providing the best possible custom home solution for every home we build whether it is inner city or on an acreage home, Cook Custom Homes is your go-to Calgary Infill Developers.


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