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You’re in good hands with Cook Custom Homes LONG after the project is finished. 

Cook Custom Homes Extended Warranties

Labour & Materials

For the first year, you're covered for any labor and material defects. This includes all forms of craftsmanship and material integrity from the foundation to the finishes. Cook Custom Homes provides this service for one additional year. Enjoy complete coverage for two years on your new home.

Distribution System

The distribution systems of your home, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, are guaranteed against malfunctions or failures for two years, ensuring your home’s functional integrity. Long after your move-in day we’ll still be standing behind your home.

Building Envelope

The envelope of your home, including the walls, roof, and basement, is protected against any leaks or water ingress for five years, safeguarding against weather and the elements.

Structural Defects

Major structural components of your home are covered for ten years. This warranty includes critical aspects like the foundation and load-bearing walls, ensuring your home’s long-term stability and safety.

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